Sunday, June 5, 2016

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Today’s carpets are engineered to capture and hold particulate soils that may not be visible but can damage carpet due to their abrasive nature. Your carpet actually performs as a very good filter removing particulates from the air so that they do not become airborne. Just like any other type of filter, carpets need to be cleaned or a buildup of soil will occur. When we cleans your carpet, your family, friends, employees, and customers will enjoy a healthier environment, and you’ll be assured of carpet that looks good all the time, not just after cleaning.

We have carpet cleaning that leaves no sogginess or mildew. Your carpets will be misted with our special pH balanced cleaner, followed by a cleaning with a super absorbent bonnet that transfers dirt, leaving a fluffy freshness you can see! A carpet cleaning that dries in just 15 minutes! If you choose us for your carpet cleaning needs, you'll never again have to tiptoe around soggy floors. With a trustworthy carpet cleaning service, even heavily-soiled areas with extra care dry in about 15 to 45 minutes.

Your reliable carpet cleaning technicians are trained in all phases of carpet cleaning and fiber identification, soil analysis, and fabric care. Our technicians always use our "green"carpet cleaner that's so light that most guests can't smell that you had a cleaning. All carpet cleaning stains are included with our service. All surface stains are pretreated as part of our business's general cleaning process to ensure the highest professional standard of excellence in cleaning performance.

Did you know that most furniture manufactures recommend you clean your upholstered fabric every year or two? This is because dust particles can settle on your furniture just like the keyboard on your computer. Vacuuming helps to be sure, but many times this dust gets stuck to the fabric because of oils in our skin that attracts itself to your furniture. As we sit on and use our furniture over time this becomes abrasive and can have a damaging effect on the fibers of our furniture. If its been a few years since your upholstered fabric & fine wool rugs has been professionally cared for, give us a call today.

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